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Activemart is a communication medium. All product order only accept by our apps activemart including with medicines orders are accepted & fulfilled by independent licensed chemists subject to verification of valid prescription by the said chemist of store and other product is supplied by verified store.

Our food should be our medicine,Our medicine organics should be our food your health

Detailed information about each all product including medicine is provided by our verified store. Just click on any product category including medicine for order medicine upload Prescrption ,Drug Snapshot, after recived your prescription(order) by our tiaup store will send you quotation confirm your order after confirmation your order you will received your product on your door step delivery you can make payment cash on delivery, store pick up by you, online payment.

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You would be able to buy your product except medicine online as well as search in Activemart and can save big on your medicines by consulting your doctor.


Order your product, medicine online from Activemart and save on your medicine bill.
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